612 Elevate

The formal requirement, professional and pragmatic, 612 elevate is located in Manekbaug, in the charismatic city of Ahmedabad. The house betokens simplicity and durability. The living room denotes the use of magenta-zebra shade in the sofa. It narrates the sprinkled use of light sun shaded yellow and blue for the curtains. The bedroom is equipped with an ancestral touch depicted by the wooden queen size bed. It is accompanied by a bookshelf that perfectly suites the attire despite of being a modern design. The cookery has been painted green to demonstrate professional creativity along with the comfy feeling of the white shade and lush wooden designing. The movables are kept durable so that they can be transited amongst all the rooms. In a nutshell, the whole structure depicting empirical approach along with its visionary ideology showcases the rich blend of professionalism and colorful portray.

Client Review

At 26, I moved into a huge four bedroom completely unfurnished apartment. I had little idea and little budget to furnish the same. Sheel had a thorough understanding of the brief, A lot of enthusiasm to work, the knack of getting things done and dedication of running more miles than what was part of her job. We had many discussions regarding the colour schemes and choice of furniture. While Sheel was patient to consider my suggestions, she stood her ground on certain design aspects which in retrospect I am happy that she did. Sheel has a great sense in choosing the colours to bring out the right mood and getting furniture sourced and modified to the requirement of the house. My entire Kitchen was done at a record low cost and it is working like a charm. Sheel is also easy to reach and honest in her dealings. I totally recommend her for any interior job, big or small. She will do it with equal passion. Bandish Soparkar